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MadBrew in Indy

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Summer Daze and Ruby Raspberry Cans Now Available!

Just in time for summer fun, Summer Daze and Ruby Raspberry Wheat are now available throughout the Indianapolis area! These 2 MadBrew releases are perfect for summer nights and days filled with friends & cookouts. 
Summer Daze Wheat
A delicious golden nectar brewed with a hypnotic blend of wheat, honey, caramel malt and various natural aromatics. 12 IBUs / 5.5% ABV
Ruby Raspberry Wheat
This Raspberry Wheat is a 2013 Great American Beer Fest Gold Medal winner, featuring light wheat ale infused with an abundance of Oregon raspberries for an intense, yet harmonious, union of fruit and beer. 8 IBUs / 4.7% ABV

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Kahn's Fine Wines and Spirits

**Don't see MadBrew? Ask for Mad Anthony Brewing Company!**